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Our Practice is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to design and construction proposals as part of the Project management team.

Since inception, the Practice has developed a strong pro-active role working closely with both client and consultants as a key contributor to the development of projects. An important part of the success of this role is our insistence on involvement at the earliest possible stage using historical data and all other means possible to establish budgets and to ensure that the initial designs are realistic in terms of those budgets.

The Practice has a broad range of experience in projects ranging from $50,000 to $66,000,000 in value, and in type, from specialist ones such as zoo exhibits, correctional facilities to aged care facilities, community centres, residential, commercial offices including new buildings and fitouts of new and existing buildings, retail projects, parks, gardens, landscapes, and many others.

Senior personnel all have considerable experience in projects relating to the state (DEECD) and private sector education, TAFE colleges and universities, Commonwealth, State and Local Government Authorities, non for profit organisations and Commercial Clients

The Practice is based in Victoria and has been involved in the cost management of projects across the State and has also worked successfully on projects throughout Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Alice Springs, Cairns and Hobart.

The Practice has been heavily involved in environmental sustainable design over the past 10 years involving projects such as Council offices, Community Centres, Libraries, Schools, Aged Care and Residential.

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